Why I love to dance…

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This gorgeous video is English with French subtitles but you don’t need to know what they’re saying anyway…you can see it in their movements, their eyes, the way they express themselves… Why I love to dance…x

This is why I love to dance…

So beautiful…I’ve always loved dancing…In fact, sometimes I feel I missed my calling. I loved to dance so much when I was younger that I would turn all the lights off in the living room and dance to my favourite songs (mostly Michael Jackson) for 3-4 hours at a time. There was a walkway on either side of the living room leading to the kitchen so I would pretend the kitchen was ‘backstage’ and the living room was my ‘stage’. I did this for the better part of my primary school and high school years…and it was my time to forget all the bullying and craziness that high school throws at young kids. I was a STAR and I loved it!

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