We’re having a baby!

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We have some beautiful, divine and incredible news! Sorry for the silence over the past couple of months but we needed some time to recalibrate.

We’re back and we have another member to join our beautiful team πŸ™‚ We’re calling it the immaculate conception as we weren’t consciously planning but we were obviously planning together with this little soul long before now. We’re in our 20th week and thankfully, food is bliss again. The first 7 weeks were of another world, something I’ve never experienced and would never wish on anyone! Such an insanely different pregnancy which made us believe that this MUST be a girl.

Pregnancy Cravings!

My first pregnancy was a breeze, I was exercising every day, only craved healthy foods, didn’t feel any nausea – it was bliss. Fast forward 4 years…OMG…what a different experience. I can’t get enough carbs, I love sweets and a few weeks ago, I wrote to my husband from the office saying that if he didn’t buy me a family pack of peanut m&m’s, then I would spontaneously combust. No word of a lie!


Thankfully, these intense cravings have subsided and I’m back on my divine smoothies and salads…but don’t get me wrong, I’m loving my decadent foods still which were never even in my vocabulary previously. I feel this little lady has some personality and probably has a similar digestion to his daddy…will likely love pizza, burgers and everything naughty!

Stay in Touch

I’m so grateful for you amazing souls following and joining us on this Healthy Mama journey. And I’m abundantly grateful to be able to share this news with you. Over the next few months, you will see Healthy Mama come out every 3 months, jam packed with all the love and goodness you know and expect. You can buy any of our back issues and mini issues over on the Subscribe page and always feel free to leave us comments or share feedback as we read every email.

Stay tuned as I’ll share updates on how we go with our pregnancy and some of the decisions we need to make. Whole lotta love, as always… Bamik…x

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