Using Up Leftovers

Using Up Leftovers – Delicious Watermelon Granita

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On our little island in the Mediterranean the watermelons seem to be particularly sweet and delicious. You can see them popping up in fields all over the place as you drive along the bumpy country roads. The season lasts quite long due to the lingering summers. After a recent barbecue I had half a watermelon left over, not quite in its prime but way too lovely to throw into the compost. With the days still being beachy I thought I’d try my hand at a granita, something I’d never made before.

Using up leftovers is a great way to watch your budget and help the environment by not throwing away perfectly edible food. My partner and I have become a bit competitive about using up leftovers…there’s is always a very nerdy sense of pride when we get to the end of the week and our fridge is empty of any surplus, unused food.

I looked up a few recipes on the internet but kind of played it by ear and I didn’t have anywhere near the quantity of watermelon most recipes called for. It ended up tasting very sherbet like and was enjoyed by all.

Danni’s Using Up Leftovers – Watermelon Granita

2 cups watermelon, seeds removed, chopped into cubes
2 tablespoon of rapadura (or your preferred sweetener)
juice of 1 lime


Whiz watermelon in blender, food processor or with a hand blender. Add rapadura and lime juice.

Using Up Leftovers - WatermelonTaste, if it’s yum, then pour into a freezer proof container and cover. Freeze. Every 20 minutes or so take out of freezer and scrape along the icy watermelon with a fork, making a snow cone type substance. Continue until well frozen, serve and eat!

Using Up Leftovers

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