Thank you to moms – 3 families

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Thank you to moms – A day in the life of  3 families…I know we harp on about how amazing moms/mums are on The Goodness but let’s face it…mums (and dads) are truly amazing and inspire us to no end. This is just a regular day in the lives of 3 regular families…just like you and I. I think we forget just how amazing mothers truly are…caring for, nourishing, being patient with (not always!), loving, helping to draw/paint, running with, playing with, enjoying every moment with our precious & humble little souls.

Thank you mummy…x

Snippet: ‘3 Queens’ – Touching Short Film Thanks Moms Around The World
Los Angeles-based filmmaker Matt Bieler recently created 3 Queens, a touching short film that ‘thanks moms around the country/world for their heroic unselfish love as told through the eyes and voice of their children’. Bieler created the film after finding himself in awe of his sister, she’s featured in the film and is currently raising three young ones of her own.

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