Snacking pomegranate for kids – pearls of juicy deliciousness

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How incredible is this fruit? You can have pomegranates on their own, in salads, in main meals, as a juice and my personal favorite is just on their own. But…pomegranate for kids? you ask… Absolutely! My son thinks it’s the most incredible treat when he sees me getting ready to crack into one for him and he loves getting involved in breaking it apart and picking the juicy pearls of deliciousness one-by-one. The best thing is that he takes FOREVER to eat them so it is one of those moments when you can run around getting things done while he’s busy munching on the super delicious pomegranate seeds.

Did I mention how incredible packed full of nutrition these babies are? Full of iron, excellent for your red blood cells (and ironically look like them too), excellent for your skin and super alkaline. The perfect snack…especially for kids:)

Snacking pomegranate for kids - pearls of juicy deliciousness

Snack pomegranate for kids

All you have to do is:
Cut it like you would with an orange peel, gently mark the pomegranate with the knife around the top, and make slight indentations around the fruit skin. Take the top off and open up the fruit from the top. Be careful as the red juice stains so don’t wear white! Gently pick the red seeds into a bowl (or into your mouth!) without the white skin as that part is bitter. Enjoy 🙂

snacking pomegranates with camellia flowers

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