Saving Millions of Babies

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Becoming a parent changes us forever. We view the world with different eyes and we sense the suffering of others in what feels like a cellular level.

This month we are celebrating being grateful, and I can say we are all grateful for the access to technology when our babies enter this world too soon or underweight…many mothers in the world do not have access to life-saving humidicribs which help maintain a babies temperature and save their lives. This is why when a new invention helps to cut mortality rates of premature and underweight babies at staggering rates, we will back it wholeheartedly, often with the recognition that we didn’t have to walk that path ourselves.

We imagine how deeply traumatic it would be to have to consider warming our newborn babies with hot water bottles or by the light of a bulb.

The Embrace Project is hoping to access 1 million newborns and save the lives of newborn babies with simple and cost effective technology. Every item you purchase from LittleLotus will help fund this project


For more information on the Embrace Project or on the sleeping bag saving these sweet souls, visit

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