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Mini: Yellow Edition

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Lovin’ your fine self, urban bee honey, loads of divine gluten free and dairy free options for yours and your children’s bellies…x See description below…

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We love the energetic color of yellow so much, there’s a second edition filled with loads of dairy free, gluten free and plant based deliciousness for your children’s bellies and speaking of bellies….

Many mamas bounce back to their original shape straight after their little ones and many of us have a little loving reminder that stays with us.

How do you feel about your body? BE HONEST.

Do you love and cherish the wondrous gift that allows you to experience all that you choose in this lifetime or are we sometimes more critical than we need to be of these incredible vehicles we call home to our soul?

Wherever you are in relation to yourself, it’s ok. We all have our moments and in this issue we’re cherishing and celebrating the body that is yours today. If you’re able to love yourself unconditionally, imagine the beauty and love you instill in your glorious little beings as they learn to love themselves.

So grateful…x Bamik

It fills my mind with happiness knowing there is a movement like yours, doing something to move us all higher and bind us together. – L, Zemljic, Slovenia