Snack (Double) Edition

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Follow your gut on this one – simple, easy & delicious snack ideas for kids and adult lunchboxes…YUM!

See description below…

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Snacks, and dips, illness crisps and yummy tid bits is what we’re all about this month. Yes, snacking may not be the best for us but we cover when are the best times to snack other than with your fave glass of vino and load you up with o many delicious SUPER EASY recipes, you’ll think this is the new way to live!

And you NEED to get your hands on this awesome book we’re giving away his month called Jar Salads – awesome ideas for pre-made lunches and as we always say here…the secret is in the sauce.

One special Healthy Mama reader will a copy of this book! Just fill in 5 answers and it could be yours over the next two months.

Plus a couple of super special loved up articles for you…my fave…right at he end…about chocolate…x

With a whole lotta love… xBamik