Rainbow (Double) Edition

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Take a delicious bite out of the ‘best of’ 2015 all jam packed with some BONUSES in the December issue of Healthy Mama…x

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You would think that putting a ‘best of’ edition together would be easy as pie…But no…there have been SO many incredibly good recipes submitted over the past year that creating a collection of the best was near impossible.

Instead, we tried to collate the most beautiful and simple recipes from the past year for you to recreate again. Let us know how we did and if your faves were featured. We did sneak in a few new goodies for you as we couldn’t help ourselves! We included some heartfelt interviews and stories for you as well.

It has been such an honor to have you all be a part of this journey so far and we’re looking forward to many more divine editions in the years to come. We’re so grateful for your support and hope you take a moment while reading to remember the beautiful moments you’ve had with family and friends in the last year.

Here’s to creating even more delicious moments together…x B

p.s. The wedding was beautiful! The energy was amazing…the food was delish…the people were a blessing… and the party was awesome…not everything went to plan, but life never does…x