PINK (Double) Edition

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Pure & heavenly reds and pinks make up this divine issue. We ask why is Pink feminine? Is Himalayan salt really all that good for you? And loads of salmon, chicken, prawn, berries, beetroot, apple and other incredible recipes for you…x

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Have you ever wondered why everything created for girls in the toy store is Pink? and why everything for boys is Blue?

Does it bother you? It certainly bothers some of our kids…check out the article on Pink and it’s feminine routes (spoiler alert: there is nothing inherently feminine about the colour pink and in fact, pilule marketers originally began using blue to market to girls!).

With that in mind, we still adore the colour pink, soft and luscious (kind of like blue?:). So much deliciousness is derived from this incredible colour and we cover it in the following pages for you. Salmon, prawns, berries, beetroot, smoothies galore, muffins, salads and so much more.

Enjoy it all and let us know what you like the most so that we can keep collating only the BEST for you. We love having you on board as a Healthy Mama…

And remember, do the best with what you have, only you know what’s right or your family…x Bamik

Thank you to our readers for the fabulous feedback 🙂

Thank you so much for your most recent Snack Edition…you’ve literally just made my life easier with my kids this month. So beautiful and grateful..x Ellia, HM Reader

Just had a read of the mag over a coffee – Another lovely edition, well done!! Xx Scarlett, HM Contributor