Sale! Healthy Mama Issue 10 Orange Edition April 2015
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Favourites: Orange Edition

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Delightfully refreshing & filled with the color that resembles creativity & all things sacral. A special smoothie section & raw treats to have you & your family’s mouths watering. Enjoy the orange goodness made with love from us to you…x See description below…


The delightfully bright and refreshing color of orange is gracing the pages of this Healthy Mama Special Edition this month.

I had no idea why but when I was pregnant with little Oreon, I just LOVED the color orange and the smell of orange and anything orangy…little did I know that it was the color that represented the sacral chakra…the energy in your womb…the creativity, emotional, inspiring beauty that comes from within.

This edition is dedicated to all things sacral…hear some heartfelt pregnancy stories, how to nourish your creativity and embrace all things PMS (Pass the Merlot Sister! 😉 And an absolutely STUNNING Mandala print up for grabs on the WIN page…you won’t be able to take your eyes off it,it is that beautiful.

Take a deep breath and truly energize yourselves with this simply beautiful Orange Edition before you this month.

With a whole lotta love…x Bamik

As a designer, illustrator and lover of good coffee and food, I appreciate the fabulous design of Healthy Mama, it is an aesthetic dream come true chock full of inspiring healthy recipes. Love! Love! Love 🙂 – J, Cook, Canada

I love that Healthy Mama magazine has just become free! It is now so easily accessible for all of those people needing inspiration to lead healthy lifestyles! I’m not even a mama and I love it! – J. Mckennan, Australia