Detox (Double) Edition

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A special issue about the infamous ‘healthy’ practice of detoxing – is it good, bad or perhaps it’s just a lifestyle change? We also speak with the beautiful grandmama Therese Kerr and she shares some gorgeous recipes from her book Lunchbox Solutions…x

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Yes, we’re going there. An entire issue devoted to detoxing…and for good reason.

But before we do, I’d like to make an announcement to all our loyal Healthy Mama readers. We’ve decided to make this delicious and beautiful magazine quarterly from now on to make time for growing and loving the new being in my belly…yes, I’m pregnant!

We will still be delivering stunning issues for you and now every 3 months*.

Thankfully, I can assure you, the term ‘detox’ won’t fade away anytime soon like most fads do, namely scrunchies, shoulder pads and the Atkins diet. Despite becoming a household activity, do we know what we’re doing and how we’re affecting our bodies?

In short, our food, thoughts and environment affect us – both positively and negatively. If you’re one of the few people in the world consuming only home grown goodness, entirely stress free and not affected by pollution, plastics or chemicals, then stop here as the word detox shouldn’t have even entered your vocabulary yet. If you’re one of the rest of us, then beginning your journey to understand your body and the way it works is probably why you’re here with us at Healthy Mama Magazine..

This month, I’m delighted to bring you a bumper edition busting some detoxing myths, cleansing both inside and out, creating a chemical free home, detoxing through yoga and a delightful chat with mama and grandmama Therese Kerr about her path to certified organic.

Spoiler alert: the point is to gradually move to a chemical free lifestyle and not shock your system with no nutrition day-in and day-out. So be warned, the recipes in this issue are wholesome for any day, not just detox day.

Relax and make it fun 🙂 x Bamik

“I love the wonderful healthy recipes for my toddler and myself too. My mission is to feed my family the most healthy sugar-free and nutritious recipes. So far I have downloaded your latest issue and my first and I’m highly impressed. Thank you!” Natacha, NZ