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[PREMIUM] Interview with Lisa Messenger

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Interview with Lisa Messenger
Founder & Editor in Chief at The Collective Magazine
Author of Life & Love and Daring & Disruptive

A few weeks ago, Lisa messengers new book Life & Love, arrived on my doorstep in perfect timing. That morning I was going to give a talk for a lot of people and as you can imagine, I was a little nervous to say the least. I had already read the gorgeous and funny chapter on how Lisa overcame her overwhelming fear of public speaking in her previous book Daring & Disruptive so I was well equipped. But still those pesky butterflies where going strong in the pit of my belly. I opened my package and sat on the couch, flipping through the book (I’ve never been one to read front to back!). I magically turned to the page about confidence and within 30 seconds, I was laughing out loud, hysterically. It was just what I needed to lighten my mood that morning.

Lisa is vivacious, passionate, honest, heartfelt and full of life. Her new book is just the same. It works a little like a deck of Oracle cards. You can turn to any page, at any time, and delight in the Universe’s divine wisdom for all your entrepreneurial woes. Lisa’s charisma is contagious and she really does create, live and breathe the dream, out loud. I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with her for a chat about her new book Life & Love and a few other little plans on the horizon 😉

From reading you first book, I can see that you give so much love to your business, your family, your friends and your beloved Jack. You’re giving out a lot. How or what do you do to reconnect with yourself?

I think that’s a really important question and it’s really about learning to value yourself. For years I over serviced and undercharged people from a business sense and was the caretaker and pickle pleaser in a personal sense. It’s really exhausting. I had to learn boundaries and I’m sure many people can relate to this. People say to me all the time, “I hear you’re the guru of… can I pick your brains over a coffee?”.

You have got to be able to give time to yourself, your family, your loved ones, staff and everyone else. Unfortunately it can’t always extend beyond that. For me it’s about finding ways to leverage that, of re-evaluating my time. That’s why I write the books and do speaking engagements, so people can have access to me and my teachings and ideas, but I don’t have to always do one-on-one.

The other thing is, Jack and I really try to work a lot away from the office because we find that our teams are amazing if we leave them to get on with it. It’s about empowering them to do their job and then we can manage from a distance and have that space and be brave enough to step outside the traditional way of doing things.

Healthy Mama - Lisa Messenger Interview

When you do have time away, is there anything in particular that you do? Is there any ritual that you have?

Yes, I have so many rituals. It’s about creating, for me, sacred spaces and that’s at work and at home and wherever I go. Our office for example, looks nothing like an office.

It’s actually a converted apartment. There’s a beautiful garden deck that overlooks the city and I’m often out there with my secateurs cutting plants.

Even during the busyness of my day, I will find little ways to have time out. My dog, Benny, comes to work with my every day. It’s important to keep shifting that gear and that mindset and thinking, I should drop into a different space. Then at home, I’m very much all about light and bright and fresh air and lots of white. It’s really important that people find what works for them creatively and make a sanctuary, a safe space to enable the best version of themselves. It’s the same thing when I go away. There are certain things that I’ll take with me, a book, certain personal things and my bullet. I make my green smoothie every single morning without fail. It’s making sure that you’re always nurtured.

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