Losing It - Adult Tantrums

Losing It – Adult Tantrums

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Don’t you love a good adult tantrum? 🙂 The pressure to be the perfect parent and raise the perfect child has become ridiculously extreme. It seems that since the printing press was invented, books about raising children have been choking up the nightstands of parents all over the Western world. My nightstand is no different, stacked as it is with well-thumbed tomes that seem to scream at every page “No! You’re doing it
wrong!” It’s almost as if when I switch the light out at night, the authors are getting into fisticuffs over who’s philosophy is the best.

Lets face it. We are not perfect. And nor should we be. Adult tantrums happen to even the best people.
We have all had those parenting moments that we wish had never happened. Those regretful adult tantrums where we really could have behaved with more compassion, respect or even just acted our age.

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We need to start talking about those moments to counteract the pressure put on us by popular culture (and sometimes even our peers) of what it is to be a parent today. I want to hear about the fails! To open up dialog about the real face of parenting, well, at least to make myself feel better about my own adult tantrums  I dive head first into the confessional of not-so-perfect parenting in the August issue of The Goodness Magazine. Don’t leave me hanging out here on my own though! Share your fails!


Danni x

Written exclusively for The Goodness Magazine By Danni Landa from The Goodness Magazine.

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