August kids recipe ideas

Kids Recipe Ideas

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Have you ever found yourself sitting on the sofa on a Sunday night, just hanging out and enjoying the last moments of weekend and all of a sudden you get that sinking feeling? I’m not talking about the onset of Monday-itis, I’m talking about the thought of coming up with a weeks worth of kids recipe ideas – meals, snacks and lunch box fillers that cover all the bases.

Kids recipes need to be healthy while also interesting enough to be gobbled up but not so exotic to illicit that screechy ewwww that small children are so ear splittingly good at doing. And finally, any kids recipe ideas have to be simple, easy and preferably quick.

For the perfect set of kids recipe ideas that hit all of these targets turn to the pages of The Goodness Magazine, of course! Every month we provide you with dozens of recipes, ideas, variations and inspirations to chase away those Sunday night blues. In the August issue our 555 section – 5 kids recipe ideas with 5 ingredients great for the under five’s (and beyond) – will supply you with enough deliciousness to get you through the month. Check out these kids recipes and more at The Goodness Magazine.

  • Berry-licioso almond pudding makes a super healthy dessert or lunch box filler
  • Avocado, banana and cacao smoothie great for an healthy after school treat
  • Veggie Crisps are the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon craft session
  • Apple sauce it a nutritious and delicious oatmeal topper or toast spread
  • Stuffed dates are a wonderfully sweet and healthy replacement for candy at a play date

Here’s my fave from this month, my son simply devours these:

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