Is Snacking Good For Your Health?

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Eating snacks throughout the day has been deemed to be helpful with losing weight and is a common feature in the ‘diet’ industry. But is snacking good for you? The old notion of eating lots of small meals a day with the purpose of keeping satisfied for longer is now dated and can be inconvenient when the day is jam packed with other things like managing the kids. Snacking definitely has its place and is helpful when meals are eaten more than four hours apart from each other and are necessary to keep your blood sugars stable.

However if you are nourishing yourself properly at your main meals and including all the necessary food groups, your meals aren’t more than four hours apart and your body and mind are in a healthy place it is not necessary to have too many snacks between your meals. Snacks are necessary in some situations and this can change daily. So it is important to understand how to eat for what you are doing each day so you can adjust as you go and fuel yourself optimally.


When Snacking Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good?

  1. Food might be small and healthy but also more than what you need. Nuts for example are very nourishing however there is a lot jammed into the bite sized treat.
  2. Snacking can turn into grazing and can create unconscious eating habits. Your hands and mouth always feel like they need to be doing something and this can mean you could be getting more than you need in one day.
  3. Have you ever said to yourself ‘I only ate it because it was there’? This commonly can occur at morning teas, places with vending machines or when there is bowl of sweets, chocolate or nuts available. Snacking on excess food between meals could mean the difference of a getting results or not.

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This article is written by Catherine Sissons from Nova Nutrition.

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