Is Red Wine Good For You

Is Red Wine Good For You?

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No one really knows which was the first culture to drink fermented grape juice. But we do know that humans have been consuming wine for a very, very long time. Ancient Iranians, Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Romans – everyone was getting into it. It might surprise you to know that in Medieval Europe it was Christian monks that were the masters of producing and distributing the good drop (Dom Perignon was a Benedictine monk and anyone who’s had the pleasure of tasting his champagne will indeed salute him).

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Many of you will be familiar of the downsides of wine consumption (otherwise known as a hangover) and many will also have heard that red wine good for you. Really? How can something that has the potential to make you feel so bad actually be good for your health? Is red wine good for you?

Apparently it can help in fighting heart disease, colon cancer, dementia and depression.

Seriously? Red wine is good for you? Well, kind of. Don’t get too excited just yet. To find out exactly how much red wine you need to be drinking to gain the benefits (and avoid the pain) check out the Part 2 of the Purple Edition of Healthy Mama Magazine! It’s free!

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  1. I’ve heard plenty of arguments from both sides of the “red wine is healthy” debate, but it seems the jury is still out, so… I’ll just keep drinking it just in case 😉

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