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Interview with Krystal Barter from Pink Hope

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An incredible woman with an incredible story. Helping so many women in Australia and around the world truly understand their health.

When most twenty-somethings are deciding on where to go for university vacation or choosing an apartment to share with friends, Krystal Barter found herself having to make decisions that most young women never have to consider.

We sat to speak with Krystal and the full in-depth interview is in this months SPECIAL RED/PINK EDITION of Healthy Mama Magazine…but we’ll give you the first page cause we ❤ love you…x

interview with krystal barter pink hope cancer

❤ Tell us a little bit about your your journey as a mother, what do you think was a turning point for you?

I very, very mistakenly fell pregnant at 20 years of age! I was not in a place where I was prepared or ready to be a parent. We’ve been married now for 11 years but we had only been together for eight or nine months when we got pregnant. I was on the pill, it was not something that

I was ready for. When I actually went to have my ultra- sound to work out how far along I was, I was four and a half months gone. So, I didn’t have any options, even if I wanted them. In that moment, I said, “Okay, this is obviously the card that has been dealt to me and I’m going to have to hold my head up and get on with it”. It doesn’t mean I didn’t cry for months and was scared because I had never even held a newborn baby before. I was quite an immature 20 year old and it wasn’t until I held him in my arms that I was like, “Oh,

I get it. I get it”, and I just became a mother lioness overnight. I had never changed a nappy before, but I just knew what to do. Gosh, he’ll be ten soon and he’s amazing and I’m so grateful, I’m so glad that

I was four and a half months when I found out…

He’s my best friend. He is amazing.

❤ That’s so beautiful. And your second?

Jye, my second has just turned seven, he is funny and has blond hair and blue eyes. My husband and I are both dark, so when we had him we were all like, “ah, what’s going on here?” but he is that traditional middle child. He is perfect at school, he has lots of friends, but he keeps us on our toes. I’m really proud of them. They are just good kids and I think that’s because they’ve seen a lot happen in our family and I think they have a lot of empathy.

❤ And then there was a third!

Yes. Bonnie, she is four and a half. So, I’ve got a little girl. I felt… when I had her I thought, “I’m done!”. So done!

❤ You’ve got beautiful little Bonnie, does the thought of the gene having crossed over to her cross your mind?

Oh, absolutely. Each one of my children could carry it or none of them could. I liken it to a genetic lottery, you just don’t know and won’t know until they are 18. Obviously the ramifications in my family through a female carrying it is far more significant than the men in our family carrying it. The men in our family have tested negative, every single one of them, but the women in our family have all had cancer. I am the first woman in my family, even our extended family, to take preventative action. All of them had been diagnosed even in their thirties. I don’t think about it every day, but there is a constant reminder and as Bonnie gets older and she develops her own breasts and becomes a woman herself, I have no doubt that she’ll be fearful to some extent and question a lot of things, but I guess that with the work that I do, I’m changing that, not only for her, but for lots of other young women.

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