how to zen through anger with compassion

How to Deal With Anger Through Compassion

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Almost every time we get angry, it’s because something isn’t going our way. I’ve been practicing a method for how to deal with anger that I call Expanding the Envelope of Compassion. Before we talk about the method, let’s look at the progression of anger.

Here’s what happens:

  • We want something a certain way.
  • Other people or occasionally, the Universe doesn’t give us that something in that certain way.
  • We get mad. And sometimes we lose control.

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We go through the same process as a selfish child and it’s totally OK! Leo Babauta from Zen Habits takes us through a beautiful method he refers to as Expanding the Envelope of Compassion in this months SPECIAL RED EDITION of Healthy Mama Magazine.

He explains that our universe is not everyone else’s:

your universe isn't everyone elses

It’s totally cool to want it that way…but once we bring this into our awareness…life gets SO much easier 🙂

At the end of the article, you may still have moments in life where you’ll feel anger, disappointment or frustration – but that’s life. And in fact, I’d be slightly concerned if nothing curled your noodle even a little. But rest assured, you’ll be better equipped at choosing how YOU respond in those situations.

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