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An absolute pleasure to welcome you to The Goodness Magazine (now Healthy Mama Magazine). Your delicious connection with wholesome food and insightful ideas on nourishing your family and the environment. What a journey it has been to arrive at this post today! Many ideas, businesses, successes and changes…but all with one thing in common…bringing a whole lotta LOVE to people’s plates & minds.

Each month we’ll be bringing you quite possibly one of the most delicious and wholesome magazines online today, loaded with all the good stuff and none of the bad (most of the time;) More importantly, we really want to begin to re-connect with our awareness of this beautiful planet we live in. So often, we find ourselves almost obsessed with finding ‘organic’ ingredients, ‘no added sugar’ and ‘no whites’ and making so many rules for ourselves that we forget why we’re in this frame of mind to begin with! Nature provides us with all that we need to fill our bodies and minds with the utmost pleasure. Let’s reconnect and savor every juicy morsel of life, food and goodness around us…and keep it simple 🙂

I hope you enjoy the amazing journey we’re about to embark upon together for all our hearts, our minds and our bellies.

We always welcome feedback so please get in touch directly at bamik@healthymamamagazine.com.

By Bamik H

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