Treats for Red Edition February 2015

Healthy Sweet Treats – RED Edition – February 2015

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Mouthwatering, tantilizing, delicious. The RED Edition has it all… Treats for this month:

  • Chocolate Strawberry Crumble

Adriana says: “If I were to pick one of my top favorite recipes, these bars would definitely be high on the list!” SOLD! They are dangerously good and will disappear pretty much as soon as you bake ’em so don’t plan on taking them anywhere 🙂

Healthy strawberry chocolate crumble bar

  • Raw Berry Coconut Bites

Straight from Lara’s Nicecream for Breakfast ebook – these gorgeous little cupcakes are made with just a few ingredients including loads of love! Coconuts, berries, dates, raspberries and beetroot…deeeeeelicious!

Raw berry coconut cakes

  • Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake (dairy free & on COVER)

This classic combination of raspberry & white chocolate always hits the spot, but usually laden with refined sugar, fat & nasty additives that leaves you feeling like a bag of wet cement – but not this bad boy. This recipe means you can have your raspberry white chocolate cheescake, eat it too and feel like a butterfly afterwards! Takes no time at all to make…LOVE this one…x

Dairy free healthy Raspberry White Chocolate Raspberry cheesecake copy

Issue 8 February 15 iPad_iPhone

  • Raw Chocolate Beet Layered Goodness

A healthy treat which contains beetroot – great for detoxing the liver and blood. It’s high in fibre and contains good fats which helps to stabilize sugar levels and regulate hormones…woohoo! And you’re eating desert at the same time 🙂

Healthy chocolate beetroot slice

  • Healthy Cherry Ripe Bites

If you’re from Australia, then you know what a Cherry Ripe is and you also probably know it’s laden with sugars and processed numbers that you don’t need in your system. Here’s a gorgeous recipe with just a few wholefood ingredients to have you not crave that crazy chocolate bar ever again!

Healthy Cherry Ripe Bites

  • Dragon Fruit Nicecream

Simply delicious and super healthy ice cream the kids and YOU will absolutely love! I honestly don’t know why anyone would choose dairy when you can have dairy free nicecream in just a few minutes! Can do with as little as one ingredient…this one is super special with just 3 ingredients to make it ruby red : )

T - Pitaya (Dragonfruit) Ice Cream Bowl


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  1. Hey 😉 your recipes look so good. Where can I find the rasberry white chocolate cheescake recipe? I tried to find. Best regards

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      Hi beautiful Katrin, this incredible raspberry cheesecake recipe is in the Red Edition of Healthy Mama. Actually, for a super limited time, we’re offering access to ALL issues with one subscription on iTunes! So, for US$3.99, you get access to around 9 issues!! Get on it quickly…xoxoxo

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