Get your kids to eat their veg!

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We all probably struggle with the idea that our kids are not eating enough veg. And we all probably have scars from our own childhoods about having to sit at the table and gulp down the broccoli before we were allowed to get back to playing. Some parents choose not to make it an issue and trust the kids will be getting what they need when they need it, others use inventive ways to sneak in veg and others still will go to any length to get veg into their kids bellies (yeah, yeah, we know you’re not meant to bribe them but can any of you honestly say that you haven’t, ever?)

How, oh, how on earth can you get your kids to eat their veg?

genius tips to get kids to Eat your veg2

Here in the Healthy Mama HQ we are all about sharing. Yes, we admit that sometimes we overshare but that’s what happens when you are a parent, you will find yourself oversharing in the most inappropriate situations, usually due to a lack of sleep. However, one thing that we cannot overshare enough is healthy, easy and delicious tips to feeding our kids. So we were delighted to be introduced to Eat Your Veg. A brilliant new website filled with tips about getting veg into your kids diets. Eat Your Veg is a growing library of real ideas that have worked, from parents themselves. There are lots of ways to share your own tips too.There are six different categories of excellent tips and tricks…check it out!


genius tips to get kids to Eat your veg

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