Essential Oils And Mindfulness

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The quest for mindfulness is universal, regardless of whether or not it is part of a personal religious affiliation or tradition. We strive to be mindful of others, especially the ones we love, be they spouse, family member or friend. Often, our pursuit of mindfulness can become mired in the day to day demands of life especially if we unrealistically attempt to give to others but ignore ourselves.

This is where essential oils and mindfulness comes in. Certain essential oils feature aromas that pull our thoughts back to the mindfulness effort. A simple whiff of their calming, centering and balancing scent reminds us that it’s not about the perfect relationship, the perfect body or the perfect job, but simply being perfectly mindful of ourselves and others.

blue cypress essential oils and mindfulness

Bring a sense of balance to your pursuit of mindfulness with these essential oils and mantras (in full issue):

Texas Cedarwood

Aroma: Fresh, woody, oily, earthy
Benefits: Centering, grounding, meditative, stabilizing

Balsam Fir Needle

Aroma: Fresh, evergreen, sweet-resinous Benefits: Opening, clarifying, elevating

Blue Cypress

Aroma: Sweet-woody, calming
Benefits: Elevating, mind-opening, centering


Aroma: Soft-resinous, lemony balsamic Benefits: Meditative, elevating, calming


Aroma: Powdery, balsamic, resinous, earthy Benefits: Strengthening, galvanizing, meditative

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