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Chocolate Craving Without The Craving?!

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Something super strange happened to me last night…made me feel there was something seriously wrong!

I desperately WANTED the feeling and satisfaction that chocolate brings but didn’t feel like eating it. I didn’t actually feel like the sugary flavour in my mouth but I reeeeaaallly wanted the joy that comes with enjoying chocolate when you crave it. Have you ever had this experience before?

I think many women (and men) reading this will think…ok, she’s clearly lost her marbles…call in the doc now! But let’s be honest …you can’t possibly enjoy chocolate to the maximum level EVERY time you eat it right? I mean, your body is a living breathing, dynamic being. It is constantly sending you messages at every moment of every day telling you that it needs hydration, movement, human touch, salty food, sour food, bitter food…and sugary food is just one of the messages.

I know for a fact that when my body is truly craving chocolate, which comes by about once every month, chocolate is the most incredible sensation to hit my taste buds. The perfectly sweet, delicate flavours caress my being like nothing else. The melted chocolatey goodness just makes me feel whole again…I literally close my eyes and enjoy my favorite pieces with absolute joy running through my veins.

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Ok…fast forward to last night.

Technically speaking, it should have been one of those moments. The timing was right, my mood was right (or wrong…depends how you look at it), I should have craved that chocolate but I just didn’t feel like it!!! AAARRRGGHH! I wanted that delicious feeling when your craving is perfectly satisfied but I didn’t have a freakin’ craving to begin with. I just wanted the feeling that came with the satisfaction of a craving.

I wonder if many people form addictions for this very reason. The feeling that comes with the satisfaction of a chocolate craving without actually assessing if the body wants or needs it. It was purely psychological for me.

I’ve been in this situation before and gone for the chocolate in the hopes of getting that same feeling…but no, it just tasted like regular, bland chocolate…no heavenly sensations here.

And you know what else I’ve noticed over the years, the times I crave something and I satisfy the craving, my body doesn’t react with skin breakouts or weight gain…but when I eat out of convenience or for a ‘special occasion’ (which happens to be all the time…so grateful) then my body does react.

So, here I am, waiting for the craving so I can dive in head first.

Do you listen to your body? What is it telling you?

To our continued health and following your belly bliss..x

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