The Healing Powers of Yoga [Video]

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his man is amazing! His determination to change his life and take charge of his own health is admirable and inspiring. His transformation using the healing powers of yoga are beyond anything we have ever seen before.  Arthur Boorman came back from the Gulf War and was told he would never walk unassisted again. His life crumbled before his eyes. …

Vegan Banoffee Pancakes

Banoffee Vegan Pancakes Oh My Oh My

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Welcome to 2015 and VEGAN PANCAKES! I know most people are thinking about resolutions and probably many of those are about being healthy and eating well and getting more exercise. And of course we totally support that which is why we are starting this year’s blog with a post about Banoffee Vegan Pancakes (Ban = banana and offee = the …

Look up from your phone

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I was captivated for the entire 4 minutes this video went for…I’m not sure how I feel about it though… Look up from your phone… I do definitely agree that we are striving for public affirmation and approval in almost everything we do…this is a human trait which has never changed over the years of heightened technology. I guess now …