Beautiful Morning Green Smoothie Breakfast

Beautiful Morning Green Smoothie Breakfast

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What a sensational morning to wake up to…words simply can not describe…

View of mountain with fog in valley beautiful sunrise

We felt inspired to throw this green smoothie together and it truly is one of our sons absolute favorite breakfasts. Sometimes I put it in a Sinchie (a resealable squeezable tube thing that he can eat it out of) or just a bowl with a spoon…this is the messiest but keeps him super happy. If you haven’t already noticed, our lives revolve around his eating habits (and ours:)

We’re lucky enough to live nearby a mango farm with banana trees as well…so we went over and picked some when they were in season a few months ago and froze the extras. But you can really use any frozen fruit…but definitely use frozen bananas as it will make it super creamy and delicious. I also throw some ground flaxseed in there as it give it the texture of crushed chocolate chips…an older child would never know the difference…our son is only two and has (thankfully) never had chocolate before…or at least as far as I never know with grandparents these days…;) xo

Beautiful morning green smoothie breakfast

Beautiful morning green smoothie breakfast

2 small frozen organic homegrown bananas
1/2 cup frozen organic homegrown mangoes
2 heaped tablespoons of ground flaxseed
1 cup of organic gmo free soy milk or other milk of choice
2 large leaves of kale
1/2 avocado (totally optional – only use if you have it)

I don’t normally put any sweetener like honey in as the bananas are sweet enough but blend it all together and taste it. If you feel like you need some extra sweetness, go for it! You will feel like you’re eating a delicious ice cream or gelati…it seriously is amazing…and super duper healthy.

Beautiful Morning Green Smoothie Breakfast

By Bamik H

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