About Bamik

I love my life…love my family and absolutely love the community we are growing every single day full of healthy mamas, papas, aunts, uncles and caregivers who truly value the gift of life. That’s not to say that life is not full of delicious surprises…but as someone once said:

“Every day above ground…is a successful day”

I’ve come to realise that although I have super huge dreams and aspirations, I’m willing to take them all one step at a time. Life is all about perspective and at any point in time, you can make a choice to be present and feel the love emanating from some crevice, in some corner, wherever you are.

Healthy Mama came about because I wanted to create a community of mamas who are deeply connected with themselves and their children. They know they want to bring joy and nourishment to their families but also know that we don’t always get it right…and that’s ok. I wanted to create a place where we can encourage each other when it works and forgive ourselves when it doesn’t.

You know those times when you just lose the plot when your not-so-zen children take over your life? And loving and relishing in the moments when they say ‘I wuv you’.

We’re all a work in progress and I love that…x

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