10 year old kid changes entire school system !

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I’ve watched this video a few times but I still enjoy watching this young boy speak with such confidence and self assurance…something I would honestly like to see more and more of with young children these days. He literally changes his entire schooling system and just look at the results. He’s not arrogant or friendless or worried or unhappy…just see the results for yourself.

So often, I see young teens hung up on their appearance, their self worth, what other people think of them…and it’s not a pretty site. I’m not saying we shouldn’t care what other people think, that is something inevitable in everyone’s lives no matter what hippie town you come from. But, finding a child who has received so much love, care and attention that he is able to stand on his own two feet and be honest about what he likes, show vulnerability for a topic of such contention knowing full well that he will likely be faced with both positivity and negativity is truly commendable.

Imagine if your kid changes the entire school system?! I sometimes think about what kind of schooling I’d like our son to have and I’m still at a loss…do I have the patience and know-how to sit at home and provide a positive learning environment for our children? Would I cause an absolute disaster in his education?! Who knows…I probably wouldn’t be that bad but to be honest, I don’t even know if I could handle not having the free time that comes with sending children to school. I wonder if we’ll move somewhere where we can be close to an awesome, loving, caring, free environment where he can learn and play at his own pace and be inspired to grow and explore what he wants rather than a preset curriculum…I wonder…x

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